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The African-American GrandMother.

We in the African-American community has always looked to the grandmother as the caregiver and conveyor of traditional values in the African-American family. Through slavery it was the grandmother that set standards for suitable behavior throughout the family. That's why I am not surprise that Michelle ask her mother to come aboard and help watch Malia and Sasha. Grand mothers were considered by African tradition the guardians of the generations. While the black family has undergone dramatic changes in the past few decades, the one thing that has remained constant has been the role of grandmothers to enrich lives, generation by generation. They remain an important source of knowledge and stability in Black families. Grandmothers help us understand the past and encourage us to hope for the future. They preserve and strengthen the values we hold most dear - compassion and generosity; responsibility and tradition. I remember the song Bill Withers had called “Grandma’s Hands.…