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What If President Obama Had Winked At The Queen?

Hey world! Michelle Obama put her hand on the Queen.... only after the Queen had put her own hand on the First Lady's back frist.... So there you have it in a nut shell.

I’m PROUD of our First Lady I think the Queen recognized equal greatness in her.. That’s why she touched FIRST.... Mrs. Obama has been honored in a way no other has. That speaks volumes... The USA is a republic. We show respect to foreign dignitaries but we don’t bow or curtsy. That was settled in 1776

If you grew up in home were loving and touching were practice....of course your responses when touch will be to touch back ... At less they didn't wink at the Queen like President George W. Bush did. Like I stated Michelle is The First Lady of the United States she is not required to curtsey before the Queen or any other crowned head....any way the touch lasted but a second or two, and the Queen did not seem to care maybe surprise that some one touched her...Touched not my anointed man we have …