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What's Happening To Michael Vick Is Like Pouring Water On A Drowning Man!

One of life’s lessons we all have to learn is humility. Now the Bible is very clear about humility. God speaks over and over again about how he gives his power to the humble. He even opposes the proud, which is the opposite of humility. First off, I don't know anything about Michael Vick other than my husband would love to see him play football again. He's hoping the Jaguars pick- him. Therefore, this opinion is base on me being on the out side looking in.
If any one of us live long enough life will hand every person a situation at which time we 'll be utterly helpless. It may be a relational situation, family situation, financial situation , health situation or in Vick's case being allowed a second chance. It's at this moment that our life will be defined. We'll either live in denial or we'll ask God and others for help. This is the point to where God becomes real to most people. I am not saying Vick didn't no God before this happen. I am…