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Michael Vick Is Proof "Favor Ain't Fair."

I believe Bishop T.D Jake's was  the first person I heard use the term "Favor Ain't Fair" but after watching the highlights from Monday night football game... I'm  once again  reminded of that saying "Favor Ain't Fair"...Michael Vick's unbelievable performance on Monday night is evidence of God's  Favor in a believer life...Michael Vick game  performance was also a  trending  twitter topic Monday night and  Tuesday  morning. 

To  favor means to give special regard to; to treat with goodwill; to show exceptional kindness to someone....sometimes, it means to show extra kindness in comparison to the treatment of others; that is, preferential treatment....God's favor is not an accident, but a deliberate design by HIM  to reward us  for acts of obedience which are  invisible to others....favor is when God causes someone Tony Dongy to desire to become a problem solver in your life....favor is an attitude of goodness NFL toward you....favo…