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Living A Transformed Life!

Boy don't we know how to blame our problems on our upbringing don't we? So , that's nothing new but to stay there is the problem ...All Bible readers know it all started in the first book of Genesis, telling us about the first fight in the first family between the first two brothers...And we all wrestle with the same issues because we're all from the same gene pool...In the first dysfunctional family Cain attacked and killed his brother Abel...And Cain's spirit is still around today...That's what makes us forget we all have the same blood in our veins and act on our competitive, jealous, angry impulses... Sometimes it masquerades as courtesy and co-operation, but underneath it's the same old "get him first" spirit...I said all that to say this, Michael Vick has paid his debt to society,and he should be allowed to pursue any profession he is qualified for or that does not violate the law.

It's true we're products of our past but we d…