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Immaigration and Black America.

Hello blog family! if people don't think that immigration hurts America, they need to wake up. I work at a new plant her in my city. We only have about 60,000 people in this city. This Co. moved in about a year ago. Around here most of the people who work in factors are black. This company hired mostly all blacks. The pay is good for this area. I know that they got gov. money to locate here. Now they are in the process of firing the blacks and hiring the Mexican. Some of them can not even speak English. It hurts to see whats going on to people who want to work and can't get hired for illegals. I do know people who want to work but, the only jobs are service jobs. We went back to work after the holiday break and guess what more Mexicans. We need to close that border. If Mexicans are not putting into Social Security then that is hurting the people who have put in all these years. It is nothing let for me for instance, I have already put in over 25 years will I be able to get s…