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Will The Mega Church Be Able To Stand During This Financial Storm?

It seem like a Number of churches and religious organizations are experiencing a downturn in their financial support in the past few weeks. Long time ago churches would have mortgage burning services to show how happy they were to end debt. I don't know if that is true today. I don't believe the church should have an on-going mortgage especially if the plan is to reach souls for Christ. We the congregation can't do what God has called us to do if we are burden down with alot of debt and neither can the church. A lot of churches have been caught up in the corporate America mentality. Secular business methods were brought into the “Church” when Churches played to the “Businessmen” in the congregation (the men with the money), elected them to boards and started using their methods for “running” the “Church”.Most Churches today function just like secular businesses do, in the last quarter of the year they start putting together their business plan for the next year…