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"Prayerful Monday "Test " Spiritually Maturity.

I like the teaching of Dr.Charles Stanley he has away with words. This is my take on a lesson that he taught about Spiritually Maturity. I know we will be tested in every area of this Christian life can you pass the test of a maturity Christian? Can you tell what stage of the journey you are at?
When we think of the Christian life we think of it as a journey. There are stages of growth in aChristian life service and salvation. We all start out the same unlearned and spiritually dead. There is only one way to receive spiritual life and that is through faith in Jesus Christ who took our place on the Cross. He died so that we might become alive that is spiritually alive. So at salvation we receive the Holy Spirit who creates in us a desire to know God ans His Son Jesus. As we learn more about our God our faith will deepen and our hearts will become more thankful. Our gratitude will take us to the next level of maturity in Him. We will want to give something back to God for His genero…