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A Mature Woman.

Iman is a beautiful over 50 woman who looks good. Do we have to stop looking good after 50? Why do we have to be look upon like we are no longer needed? The men we worked along side doing our younger years don't want us anymore. We help built business and partner with them through life hard times. We made sure they stayed on track we were the ones that had their backs when life was beating them up. We were the ones saying hang on in there it will get better. We were the ones lifting and propping them up. We became their sounding board when they needed to vent.

We raised their children to be what society call acceptable. We cook meals made appointments made sure every body were taken care of. Now we look back at our life and don't see the men that we help along. Were y'all at? Why must we travel on with out you. What made me so not like by you? Why are so many mature black women by them selves at this stage of life? Have we given up to much during our younger years?…