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Have Mary Mary Sold Out The Gospel Of Christ For Filthy Lucre?

I love the pic of Mary Mary on the cover of Rolling Out Magazine March issue.....The two Marys look dazzlingly beautiful....In the issue the two sisters are discussing their new album and that ever present argument, contention,controversy which seems to follow  them every where they go.....Some say it because of their unique sound the reason they have been label  a sell out to the gospel of Christ.....But Mary Mary Erica and Tina don't understand why all the back lash.
“Whenever you present something to the public, you open yourself up to public scrutiny,” Tina shared. “That’s something that doesn’t bother me because, in my heart, I believe that I am completing God’s assignment. He put us on this earth to touch people in a special way, and I believe that’s what we’re doing. To me, that’s all that matters.”Erica agreed. “We know that we aren’t going to please everyone with our style. And that’s OK … that’s OK.”Really I have never regarded, viewed, reckoned consider  Mary Mary music…