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Beneficiaries Marriage.

First let me state we all deserve the same rights and I believe we are headed in the right direction...Last week there was a lot of talk about marriage.... Vermont's legislature over rode the governor's veto to legalize gay marriage, and Washington DC pushed forward a law that would recognize legal same-sex marriages from other states...Any way Colorado just passed a law that allows any two unrelated adults to become a pair of "designated beneficiaries marriage " What does that mean? Beneficiaries couples can inherit property without a will, make medical decisions for one another, sue for wrongful death, and enjoy other benefits of a legal partnership commonly known as marriage... So two gay, or straight, or non-romantically involved people can enter into one of these contracts all the same...I agree 100% with the new law but I kinda get frustrated when gay rights advocates insist on calling their unions "marriage," because it's at that point …