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"Grace & Mercy(Saturday) Random Post! Staying In Your Comfort Zone.

Hello! new mom's when did this happen? I have 2 children and I can still remember the pain now and it's 30 years later. My hat is off to any new mom that can pull this off. Train for a marathon during pregnancy. Wow, Wow!
For most new moms, the image of Paula Radcliffe celebrating her astonishing New York marathon victory just nine months after giving birth is more than slightly surreal.
There she was, one small arm holding a baby, the other victoriously waving a British flag, ribs visible beneath a washboard-flat torso, not an ounce of visible fat on her sleek body.
No baby fat no were.
Radcliffe's triumph Sunday, running 26.2 miles in two hours, 23 minutes just 291 days after childbirth, inspires equal amounts of awe and envy. But it also highlights a medical debate about just how gung-ho women should be about exercise during pregnancy and afterward.
Some doctors believe women used to rigorous exercise can continue it at least early in pregnancy and resume soon afterward, bu…