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Love & Prayers For Marion Jones.

“Your honor, I absolutely realize the gravity of these offenses and I am deeply sorry,” Jones told the judge, crying as she begged not to be separated from her two young sons. One of her son is still breast feeding. She ask the judge not to separate her from them.
“I pray that you be as merciful as a human being can be.”The Judge gave Jones six months for lying about steroid use and two months — to run concurrently — for misleading federal investigators about a check fraud case involving her ex-boyfriend, former 100-metres world record holder Tim Montgomery.After hearing her punishment, Jones sobbed into the shoulder of her husband, Olympic sprinter Obadele Thompson.She has until March to turn herself over to authorities.“I truly hope that people will learn from my mistakes,” she said later in a brief statement to reporters.Jones, 32, has been stripped of the five athletics medals she won in the Sydney Olympics, three of them gold. All her performances as of September 2000 have been…