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Marrying For The Wrong Reason.

Blog family this is a big mess. A friend of the family is going through some stuff with her daughter. Her daughter was in the top ten of her senior class. She got a full paid scholarship to FAMU. She was involved in the church and community. She is a pretty girl smiling all the time. Her husband turns out to be a DL brother.

This young man ask her to marry him and she accepted. She gave up every thing she was working on just to get married. Both are born again Christians. I heard them say that they would married and not burn, whatever that mean. They have not been married 2 years. Now they are separating and possible getting a divorce. She came home and caught him on the internet looking at nude men.

She is hurt because he has been living a double life. He had ways that was questionable. You know how some men give them selves away with their mannerism's? I have no problem with no ones life style but when you hurt nice people with your lies that is when I have a prob…