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A Megachurch Have Teachers And Leaders While A Church Have Pastors.

Has any one notice that God is the One who appoints people to the type of work they are to do, not men? There is then an anointing given to each one for that work. The problem is that men sometimes give each other a title for which they have little or no anointing. It is not up to men to “see” what position they should hold in the church. It is by the calling of God and that alone. Men appointed Saul as king, while God anointed David. This is part of the problem that the church is facing in these last days.

I don't believe it appears anywhere in the Bible that a pastor should preach all the sermons, or that someone who stands in the pulpit, have been called to teach. Neither do having a degree from a seminary or being appointed by men necessarily mean someone is qualified to preach, teach, counsel, or pastor the Body of Christ.There's a new survey out were most megachurch pastors don't see themselves as pastors. I guess not considering God had already establish who…