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An All Star Tribute To The Queen Of Gospel Music Sister Shirley Caesar!

Go head Sister Shirley Caesar get your flowers while you yet live. My MOM always told me, “Give me my flowers "NOW" while I can smell and see them".  Don’t wait until the dirt is thrown in my face, do it now while I yet live.”

 All too often, we do not take the time to tell those who mean the most to us exactly how much they mean to us. On April 12, 2013 "Children Sing Productions" will present a well deserved tribute to one of Gospel music best SisterShirley Caesar.

 Some of the Special musical guests will be: Rizen, The Pace Sister,Dorthy Norwood, Le’Andria Johnson, Daryl Coley,  Dorinda Clark-Cole, Dottie Peoples, Kierra Sheard, Chrystal Ruckerand more.  

Kudos To Le'Andria Johnson For Starting A Movement: Imperfect People Changing The Game!

In this day and time with just one click of the mouse you can start a movement. The Internet is becoming one of the many ways of empowering  and getting people involved in so many different causes.

Kudos and high five to Le'Andria Johnson for using her pain and  Facebook page to start a movement (IPCTG). Facebook is fast becoming a great way to create buzz and attention to whatever you are doing.

The Internet has been credited with starting grassroots campaigns and social movements. I'm finding out with the right social media marketing tool you can start whatever movement you are trying to create and brand your name at the same time. Way to go Le'Andria!

Jesus Take The Wheel:The Best Of Sunday Best Are About To Take Your Name On A National Tour?!!?

Two of "Sunday Best" winners Le'Andria Johnson and Joshua Rogers are hitting the road for a special Jesus National tour. Thanks Tashia!

Le'Andria Johnson: I disagree with all the pastors and bishops that sit their members down for whatever type of behavior they have.

Grammy-winning gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson seems to be a little upset at how church folks have shun and turn their backs on her while being pregnant outside of marriage:

 “You get pregnant out of wedlock and the whole world turns against you" 
The above quote is from an interview Ms.Johnson did with Essence Magazine in early September. Judging from the above quote,it's proof positive that many Christians( including my self) have a real hard time sometime dealing with church authority. Ms.Johnson seem to be a tad bit bitter at the response she have received from many in the Christian community and the church.   Also,judging from the above quote it seems as if Ms.Johnson is in a state of rebellion and defiance toward church authority. Ms. Johnson is  upset with the number of pastors and bishops who would not allow her to perform in their house of worship while being pregnant out of wedlock.

I believe if any person who is an active participant in Christ’s Church should exp…