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Kurt Warner Gives Thanks To Jesus Christ, His Lord and Savior.

In a world that is getting uglier and uglier with a skyrocketing divorce rate among athletes. With some athletes getting drunk, high, arrested, and getting women pregnant out of wedlock and giving their wives STD. It’s refreshing to see a man like Kurt Warner who seems to treasure his wife. During the on field interview with Terry Bradshaw after the game, when Warner does what he usually does in interviews; ( the hubby told me that) he first give thanks to Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior. I doubt seriously that the Creator of the universe has any favorite sporting teams. Any way, I applaud any man who will hold Christ up as a banner of their faith before thousand of people and show that much respect to his own wife. I read a article which stated that the Warners’ marriage has endured a period in which they got by with the help of food stamps, and their family has expanded to include seven children. Kudos to Kurt Warner. More Here......