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Question Of The Day: Did God Caused Kevin Ware Broken Leg?

Last Sunday, University of Louisville guard Kevin Ware broke his leg on national television ( you can read about that here). Yesterday during an interview with CNN Kevin Ware made the following statement:
 "This is all God. This is all God's plan. He would never let anything happen that He wouldn't want to happen." "There is a reason for everything, but "I don't know what the reason is going to be" for this injury. "It's  a process. I'm ready for it," he said.    
 I believe everyone has a “View” of God. The pictures we have of God in our head acts as a guide in the way we view God.  My question based solely on Kevin Ware comment he made in the interview, would you say he  has a faulty/wrong view of the true God? Would you say  God caused Kevin Ware to break his leg? Or would you say God allowed Kevin Ware to break his leg?