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Bring Me My Big Black Belt!

Samson went too far. He wound up with his eyes gouged out, mocked by his captors in a Philistine dungeon...Why? Because of two unguarded areas: pride and sex...David also struggled against unrelenting temptation...In a moment of weakness he fell prey to lust and paid dearly...But he did not die in prison like Samson...Instead he died " a man after God's own heart." What made the difference? Repentance! In brokenness and humility David called on the Lord and found mercy and grace to get back up...Now I don't know Kayne West no more than say you who may be reading this post....But his display last night at the VAM's was down right embarrassing to say the lest...Now my daughter and son-law who are in their early 30's say that Kayne has a problem with pride...Again, I don't know! But you have to ask one question : What would make a 30 something year old man upstage a 17 year old other than pride? I think Mr. West should stop and ask him self, "Am…