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If You Want Your Husband Stay With Him.

The Associates Press reports that the lawyers for Juanita Bynum are stalling divorce proceedings against her estranged husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks III. If Ms. Weeks want her husband she needs to get back with him and stay out of the media. All I am saying is we can change our mind if we so wish. I don't understand what's the problem is. If Ms. Weeks no longer wants to be married give the man his papers so he can move on. I think they have brought enough shame on the church. The lawyer for Bishop Weeks said that they have been trying to get her side of the story for 4 months but she keeps changing her appointment.

Bynum filed for divorce from Weeks on September 27, 2007. She cited “cruel treatment” and said the marriage was “irretrievably broken” about a month after he was accused him of attacking her in a hotel parking lot in Atlanta. If she filed papers in Sept. and has not done anything since then what is the problem?