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No Child Belongs In An Adult Jail.

We think of the heart as the center of our emotions. But it's more; it's the origin of our desires, imaginations, motives and intentions. That's why God says, "Above all... guard your is the well-spring of life. Just like bad fuel makes our car perform badly, Jesus says, "The things that come from the heart makes a man unclean...evil thoughts, murder, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander." (Mt 15:18-19). A person produces good deeds from a good heart and evil deeds from an evil heart. Whatever is in your heart determines what you say and do. (Lk 6:45)
This is my thoughtful take on a difficult subject. I agree that putting any 11 year old CHILD in an adult prison is never a good idea. This approach has no benefit at all to our society. Any hope of redemption will be destroyed by putting any child into the destructive atmosphere of adult jail. I believe as long as we can inhale and exhale there's hope. Our "tough on crime …