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Commander In Chief. ( Hell NO! )

I am a supporter of Obama an I believe he can win the whole thing.
Republican candidate John McCain in my opinion is too old for the job. He shows signs of maybe "senile". From watching and listening to him speak he is not a commander in chief. He is weak on the economy he say he is open to a variety of solutions to ease problems in the housing markets. I don't know what that mean but I guess it's in his head. I see his run as a continual run of the Bush years. And who care if Nancy Reagan endorsed him thats proof he is outdated. Remember the Reagan years senile at it's worst.
If not for Obama this would be another boring presidential race. He has cause the next generation to get involve McCain nor Hillary has sparked that must excitement. Another example of Obama is ready for the next generation he has raised more money by internet than either candidate.
In my opinion the future is more important than the past which we can't change. I believe Ob…