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Racism And The Church!

We must acknowledge that racism and prejudice exist among Christians before we can rid ourselves of its stench. By posting this article I am acknowledge that racism and prejudice exist. Now, Jimmy Carter, was a part of The Southern Baptist for over 60 years . During that time he had no problem praying in a “White-only” church even while he was President. Most people are aware that Southern Baptists are known for their Biblical belief concerning certain things . Like I've stated he's the same Carter, whose Christian conscience never bothered him during his presidency for supporting and praying with a group of racist Christians, who would not allow Black Christians to join with them on Sunday morning worship. But now he has become a vocal voice for women’s rights. I believe in honesty; When Mr. Carter was in power he should have spoke up over the treatment of blacks back then. I am for civil rights for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender iden…