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The Christian Don't Have To Steal Away To Jesus!

A Maryland high school is in the news and under fire for allowing Muslim students with parental permission and good grades to leave class each day for prayer.  I'm not aware of any other religion that requires its followers to pray five times a day except Islam.  I don't understand what the problem is here.

Some Christians are upset because they aren't allowed to do the same as the Muslin students.  The Christians can pray with eyes wide open, heads up or down , while looking folks in the eyes, staring at a wall, or looking out a window. We have free and unrestricted access to the Throne of Mercy anytime we desire to go there. "We don't have to steal away to Jesus".

I believe as a Christian we clearly have prayer advantages over other religious beliefs in public schools and  anywhere else for that matter. The Christian is not restricted to prayer at prescribed times each day. Christians may pray as Paul taught on three different occasions, “without ceasing” …

Question Of The Day: Should Single Men Be Eligible To Lead A Christian Church?


I don't know if this is a good thing or not but, there are lots and lots, of single pastors within the Christian Community.  Some are single by divorce some by death and some by choice. And from the look of things it's becoming more a trend and  the norm.

Once upon a time, long ago this (single pastor) was frowned upon and considered by most to be a taboo. After reading the piece over at The Christian Post it got me to thinking and asking questions like:

Are single men disqualified from the pastorate? If so why?  Are single pastors in a sense more qualified for pastoral ministry and are better suited for it than pastors who are married? If so why? Do you the reader agree with that statement? If so why?   What if a single young man believes in and preach the full Gospel of Jesus Christ, then should the fact he's single be a barrier to him being a pastor? If so why?   Does the phrase “husband of one wife” in 1 Timothy 3:2 still apply to today's pastor? If so why or why…

Shame On Isaac Carree For Channeling R.Kelly On His Latest Project!

RANT: For me personally I like my Gospel music to move me in remembering  that it cost something to follow Christ , which this doesn’t.  Gospel singer Isaac Carree just dropped a new song,"Clean This House" and Lord how  I Hate It. This mess is nothing but secular music thinly veiled, while trying to pose as Gospel Music. And I can’t and won't buy it.  I'm sorry but we Christians need to  get  in touch with our reality. Our reality ( I'm not talking about the world ) is that if we believe that Jesus came to die for our sins  and the suffering it caused then it should be reflected in our work.

 We Christians (I'm not talking about the world) of all people should know better than to try and glorify Jesus with cheap music. If we believe that Jesus came to die for our sins  and the suffering it caused, then we ought to show some kinda sign that we believe.  And if we believe that sin is so serious that God died for it, how dare we cheapen that? How dare Isaac Ca…

The 'Queen James Bible' Equip Gay Worshippers For Battle Against Other Christian Who Hate!!!

A gay-friendly version of the Bible is out in hopes to end Christian arguments that same-sex couples are on their way to hell.  The 'Queen James Bible' is a new interpretation of the Bible, in which its whole aim is to show Gay Christians that God loves them.

The book editor said' You can’t choose your sexuality, but you can choose Jesus. Now you can choose a Bible, too.' This  Bible will be held in the hands of Gay Christians  knowing it cannot/will not be used to spread homophobia in the name of a loving GOD. The editor of this particular book has taken  8 verses from  6 books, including Genesis and Leviticus and reinterpreted them to show love.  The editor claim homosexuality wasn't mentioned until the 1946 Revised Standard Version. Editor's notes here! 

Communion Sunday (Let us break bread together )

Thank You Father for the Bread of Life!!

Hallelujah ( Friday ) Hymn~ Soul Stirrers Lord Remember Me

Lord Remember me!!



"All Hail The King."

All hail the King He stands in His honor
And speaks what is true, He is the King of Glory
Holy Spirit flowing through, All hail the King,(we bow before You)
All hail His royal majesty from creation until eternity
His train fills the temple, Shekinah Glory surrounds His throne
All hail the King (We bow before you O King
Jesus is the King until eternity, forever (we bow before You)


"God Has Smiled On Me." (James Cleveland)

Wow!! Thank You Jesus, for smiling on me. Jesus I know you did not have too, but you saw fit too.

When I See Jesus!

When We See Jesus, Will You Be Ready? That Is A Ageless Question. One Day We Will Look Upon His Face.

Are You Ready!!!

"Pray For Me"


Because He Lives!!!!!!!!!

Because He lives I can face tomorrow!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Jesus, Jesus, Healer, Healer !

Raising a Hymn!!

Do we still know how to raise a hymn?