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A Much Different Love , The Black Church.

when it comes to religion we see thing total different than others do. You can't speak about a God you don't know. In the early African American Church we had no concern for denominational politics or creeds. We black folks shaped our own religion base on our experience which included all aspect of black life.

African American Churches today have over 15 million people ,which mostly belonging to historically black congregations. The African American Church is a powerful voice in the black community. Jeremiah Wright is a prime example of that preacher. He has enough clout to bring attention to his community in a positive way. He come from that old school of thought and that is what he preach.

We don't expect Jeremiah Wright to preach about a lily white life that don't exist for a black man. Most of our pastors on Sunday morning preach about the injustice and racism in this America. People that read my blog knows that I have a heart for The Old Black Church. To …