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Jazz Funerals are Dying Out in New Orleans.

I saw this article about Jazz funerals in New Orleans and thought about blogging about it. I remember when Ed Bradley past and they did the jazz thing for him. It was some what different and, I have never thought about how New Orleans did funerals. But I also know that they have a lot of crazy stuff that go on in that city. They believe in roots and putting hexes on people. I once visit that city a couple of years a go, and personal I don't care for it. It seems to have a demonic presence to it. In other words I didn't like the feeling that I got from that city.

Louis Charbonnet's mortuary business focuses on high drama and style, operating one of the only antique horse-drawn hearse services in town. It's what adds flavor to the New Orleans tradition of jazz-style funerals filled with street parades and brass bands.

"People join in (jazz funerals) spontaneously," said Charbonnet, who has worked in the funeral trade more than 50 years and owns Charbonnet-Laba…