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Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” And The Occult Connections!

First off this post is more about questioning Jay-Z motives for embracing the occult if in fact that is what he has done. Now
what is the Illuminati and this secret society that is increasingly being mentioned in hip hop music? Is there a masonic connection or pagan worship in all of this? Many of our kids and young people love this music, so we need to check it very carefully. Now it has been long rumored that Jay-Z is part of some sort of occult and most likely it could be "The Freemasonry." Due to the hints slipped in his songs and the imagery that is being used. Now let me make another disclaimer: I have never listen to any of Jay-Z music so I can't say if that statement is true or not. But I have been reading alot about Mr. Jay-Z and other young artists who are supposedly part of this secret society. There's a slew of videos that are making the rounds on YouTube, and what they claim is shocking. Now Jay-Z, supposedly is one of the biggest up an…