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The Media Crush On Michelle Obama.

Why is there so much emphasis on Michelle Obama’s personal appearance? Remember, when she was on the campaign trail barelegged?

Remember that TV interview she gave wearing leggings under a sundress from The Gap? Remember the sleeveless, eggplant-colored outfit she wore during her husband speech before Congress earlier this year? Remember when she showed up bare-armed during a White House tour, and on the covers of People and Vogue magazines. What's ironic is that former first ladies Jacqueline Kennedy and Nancy Reagan bared their arms long before Michelle O. ever dreamed of living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. All this talk about Ms. Obama's fashion choices says more about the media than it does about the Princeton- and Harvard-educated mom-in-chief.The media is so infatuated with the Obamas that nothing escapes notice ( Malia and Sasha's gets a new swingset) for example, her hair. First lady style doesn't change much, but the few times she has modifie…