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Jack & Jill Of America A Well-To-Do Blacks Organization.

Jack and Jill of America, a social organization for black families, celebrated its 70th anniversary In 2008, ...But the organization is not open to just any family...Now for me I never heard of this organization until reading about it on a blog...For those of you like me who aren’t familiar with Jack & Jill, here’s a brief background: Several upper class mothers from Philadelphia created the organization in 1938 to ensure that their children were exposed to the best social, cultural and educational experiences... Simply put, the mothers wanted their children to meet and interact with other youth from a similar socio-economic background... many of the members of Jack and Jill...were the sons and daughters of doctors, dentists, lawyers, politicians and entrepreneurs...In order to “get in,” you had to be sponsored by an existing family...Since its existing Jack and Jill has been one of those groups that have remained important to the black community...However, the group's past a…