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The Power Of Worship Music.

Have you ever heard of Israel And New Breed? This skillful worship band is great at what they do. They know what their purpose is and thats what they do. The leader of the band call himself a worship leader which means he takes you into worship. If you like worship music this group is good at it. I have too of his CD's one is a double disk man what a great album. Notably, most of the attention he and his music receive comes from the gospel community and churches. His music is a brand of multi-ethnic, cross-generational praise and worship which welcomes all.
It's a beautiful sensibility, one that isn't white, black, Latino, or Asian, but all of the above and more. I saw this band live when they first came on the scene at one of Bishop Jakes events. They were great onstage praising, jumping, shouting, and bowing in adoration. One of my favorites is I am a Friend of God ,He calls me friend.