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Is It Possible To Be Born The Wrong Gender?

I Was watching a show on trans-sexual in which the question was ask is it possible to be born the wrong gender? I am speaking for me now because it's to God who I will have to answer on that day and yes, I think it's possible....I don't know that it matters whether or not people can actually be born the wrong gender.... What matters is how we treat people and that our actions are reflective of what Christ would do... last week a 11 year old boy killed himself after being bullied for being gay... It's the 4th suicide this year by a child due to anti-gay bullying... As stated, birth defects do happen... Whatever we want to attribute them to, doesn't mean that the person born that way should be blamed... I may not understand it, but we need to consider the possibility and stop being so quick to demonize people... If it's remotely possible for some to be born the wrong gender, then we need to listen to their thoughts/ mother should have to l…