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Is It Ever Too Late To Come To Christ?

It is never too late to come to Christ  as long as two things are happening:
1.  You must still be alive.
2.  You must be willing to turn from your false religion and turn to Christ.  Notice that God says that He is waiting for you to do so...if you do...then He turns and comes to meet you on your way to Him! I was reading this article about Christopher Hitchens the atheist who's being diagnosed with cancer....He's undergoing chemotherapy and has lost much of his hair...But his unbelief remains intact. I just wonder do   the  man that says there is no God Atheists ever think 'what if there is a life after?'
I mean Atheists consider themselves rational and scientific, they say if it was up to religion we would still be in the stone ages....It's nothing wrong with seeking knowledge...But the arrogant side of man think we should know everything...No one is  entitle to that much knowledge.
In his first television interview last week with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Hitch…