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15 Abortions!

Irene Vilar said she has had over 15 abortions in a span of 17 years...The abortions was because of poverty or fear but as an act of rebellion against her 'controlling' husband who did not want children....Now the 40-year-old's confession has unleashed attacks from anti-abortion activists on the internet, including death threats and demands for her to be jailed. The cycle of pregnancies and abortions, which began when she was 16 and ended when she was 33, was also punctuated by several suicide attempts...Now a successful literary agent with two young daughters, Loretta, five, and Lolita, three, Mrs Vilar has written about her experiences in a memoir, called Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict... Irene needs some serious help. Article Here!