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A Black Man Can Be Hung For This.

It’s been almost 42 years since the U.S. Supreme Court knocked down a law barring interracial marriage. But today, at least in St. Louis, it seems to remain a touchy subject. On the cover of today’s Go! magazine, a regular section of Friday’s Post-Dispatch, there is a photo of a couple kissing to go along with the story “The 7 Best Places To Smooch”. The story hasn’t generated a ton of buzz, but the photo has... Why? Because the man is black and the woman is white... The reader comments at the end of the online version clearly showed us that at least some folks out there are not comfortable with interracial relationships... A quick search tells me that 7 percent of married couples are interracial and those numbers are growing as the minority groups in this country continue to grow.... Tiger Woods, Halle Barry, Derek Jeter and President Barack Obama are all products of interracial parents. Article Here... 21 pages of commentsWOW!