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Obama's Theme Song: In The Ghetto, by Elvis Presley.

I believe Black Gospel help shape White America view of the black church. They might not attend it, every Sunday but they recognized its stamp. White America have connected with the Black Church through it's music for years. Think: Bob Dylan, Bono, Elvis.... White America seems to accept and love our blackness, angry, and any other form of expression if only that message can be put in the background of our music. If we can buy Elvis songs about an “angry young man from the ghetto”–who happened to be from Chicago–and have gospel singers celebrate and dramatize his plight, than I am sure there is a niche for this message in the American culture — and perhaps in our political psyche. What if Obama made Elvis Presley’s “In The Ghetto” his campaign theme song? Would , somehow, white people would feel the pain and forgive the anger, when it is orchestrated by Elvis Presley and performed by beautiful women in flowing robes. Maybe then they would stop asking is he Muslin they…