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The Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church Anniversary Dance.

The Black church has/had been the rock of the black community since the first black congregation organized on some plantation in Virginia years ago. I will say with nothing but love in my heart that the black church has gotten black people through some of our toughest times: slavery, segregation, the great depression, just to name a few. I am willing to say it is the most fundamental institution in black society--then and now. Are there limits one can put on the church?

I understand that the church main role is to reach out and bring in souls. With that, I can understand the need to attract young people to the church as well as the need to keep congregations interested and motivated. However, the video I found goes a little beyond that. Now, please don't get me wrong I love the preaching/teaching style of Pastor E.Dewey Smith Jr. I'm not saying that his heart nor the church wasn't in the right place. I don't think they crossed the line at all nor do I thin…