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I Look To You!

If you wanted to see a person who has or had a strong relationship with Christ (even if she has fallen down)look no farther that Whitney Houston. In my opinion Whitney Houston is singing from a place of brokenness with this new album especially the title cut I look to you....Now I know the world that celebrates success doesn't see value in broken things. But guess what God brings beauty out of brokenness...For a plant to rise from the soil the seed must be broken...For a baby chick to learn to respond to experience larger life the shell must be broken...Even a thoroughbred horse must be broken....Brokenness is the work of Christ by which He strips us of self-sufficiency so that the character of Him may shine through us....Now don't misunderstand; being broken doesn't necessarily mean experiencing some tragedy....Many people suffer tragedy without drawing closer to God or even acknowledging Him... But that's not the case of Whitney...The
legendary diva Whitney Housto…