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I Apologize!

Unfortunately helpful behavior has ceased to be the norm in our world today: Selfishness has become standard procedure...The Bible says:"As the end approaches, people are going to be self absorbed...self promoting eat dog...the kind ...who smooth talk and take advantage" (2 Ti 3: 1-6 )We all no someone who has a hard time apologizing ( My husband ).... They'd rather pretend nothing happened and evade responsibility for actions that hurt someone else (Me!!) ....Others fudge and deliver the classic non-apology apology, which might be more frustrating than not getting any apology at all.... It's usually a variation on the "I'm sorry you feel that way" theme, deflecting the wrong-doer's responsibility and putting the focus on the receiver and their flawed or misguided reaction. Ultimately — it's not an apology. There are lots of reasons apologizing are hard for some because it's a blow to the egos...Second we are admitting weaknes…