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I Am Is My Name For Ever And Ever.

Our Heavenly Father is named the Great I AM (Ex. 3: 14) I AM' is the name of God. Of all the definitions of God, none is so well put as the biblical statement 'I AM that I AM' which appears in Exodus chapter three.... There are other statements such as I AM He.... But none is so direct as Jehovah [which means] 'I AM...So I ask has Beyonce Knowles Carter became a blasphemer by taking the title of YHVH (GOD) upon herself?...God has a big black belt and His kids (Me, Beyonce, and any-one else who claim Christ as savior) are about to-be in the middle of a spanking if we don't repent and turn away from this foolishness that we are involved in... God’s judgment comes to all of us (in one form or another) when we don’t correct our hard-headed brothers or sisters but allow their immoral behavior to continue in our churches and communities...we who are truly Christians can cool God’s judgment, by encouraging them to do the right thing correcting them when we see …