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2nd Sunday (Question ) Can You Become an Ex - Gay? G Craig Lewis Says No.

I found this clip of Lewis talking about gays in music and in the church. I have a problem with Lewis attack on people in general. If professionals say it is more to being gay than just being in our mind why the attack.
I am a heterosexual woman and I don't understand how someone can say I will change my sexual desire for men to a desire for women just by saying it. That is why my self I don't stand and judge people because we just don't know. It is easy for me to say they can change because I am not the one dealing with that choice.

For many years mental-health professionals have taken the view that since homosexuality is not a mental disorder, any attempt to change sexual orientation is unwise. But for healthcare professionals to tell someone they don't have the right to make an effort to bring their actions into harmony with their values is wrong. If a person want to make an attempt to change their way of thinking why not let them.
There are no scientifically rigo…