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1st Sunday (Communion) Responsive Readings

As we come to the Lord's table, let us come with a spirit of humility and penitence.
Compassionate God, have mercy on us we pray.
Let us examine ourselves: out thoughts, our actions, our motives, and our attitudes toward others.
O Holy God, have mercy and forgive us our shortcomings.
Help us to remember our responsibility to our families and our neighbors, our stewardship to you and the work you have given to our hands.
O Living God, we stand in need of your grace, strength, and mercy.
As we eat the bread, which represents your body, which is the True and Living Bread, open our eyes to recognize the intimacy that you yearn to share with us.
O Loving God, teach us to love you above all else.
As we drink the cup, which represents Christ's blood shed for us, we thank you for the new covenant. "Love ye one another," which is written on our hearts. Let us rejoice because our names are written in heaven.
Tender Father and Mother, may your great sacrifice of redeeming love renew us …

1st Sunday Service! Communion (The Lord's Supper) Hymn: In Remembrance

In The Old Black Church when the Communion tray were pass ( you know when you didn't won't the big cracker) so you could take your Bread and Wine. We sang a song. Today it is In Remembrance.
In remembrance of Me eat this bread
In remembrance of Me drink this wine
In remembrance of Me pray for the
time when God's own will is done
In the remembrance of Me heal the sick
In remembrance of Me feed the poor
In remembrance of Me open the door
and let your brother in.
let him in take eat and be comforted
drink and remember too that
this is My body and precious blood shed
for you in remembrance of Me.

1st Sunday (Communion) Hymn!