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Da Truth Admits To Affair!

Gospel rapper Da’ T.R.U.T.H. announced that: “in light of a moral indiscretion in my personal life, I will be taking a sabbatical from music ministry and teaching upon fulfilling my current commitments to work closely with my pastor, church, and restoration team.”
When we sin and fall down is it best to just be quiet about it and let it be discovered or put it out there and let's deal with it? What's done in the dark always comes to the light...Da' Truth could have hide this from his wife and the public but he chose not to....But by taking this path it seem to say that he's more honest, more repentant and more mindful of the path to recovery and restoration...Mine-you he was the first one to come forward and admit that he fell.... I respect Da Truth a lot more because he came out and said something... Right now, there’s talk going around about Tye Tribbett…Right now he’s not acknowledging or admitting to anything...But if it turn out that he did get someone pr…

"Prayerful" Monday : Question?: Can The Church Embrace Hip-Hop?

Will Hip Hop culture grow or destroy the Black Church? It is the dominant force amongst youth and now, young adult. Hip Hop's influence has smitten the Black Church in many ways causing generational divide. Although Hip Hop culture has been approached from a variety of angles, its relationship to the Black Church has not nearly been explored enough. Our youth and young adults are rapidly leaving the church in search of something that looks and feels like Hip Hop and in many ways the Black Church remains in denial. What do you think ?