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If You Are Not A Direct Descended Of God Then You Needed To Go.

Let me see now if you are nonwhites, or "mud people," then you aren't really people at all, but God's failed attempts to create Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden...WOW! These beliefs derived from a school of thought known as Christian Identity, which holds that Jews, blacks, and other minorities aren't actually people and therefore don't deserve constitutional rights. Instead, those rights are reserved for so-called "white Sovereigns," who aim is to take over government and run it through grand juries of the people, with laws enforced by old-time posses...I tell you what that's one scary thought and
the revelation that Scott Roeder, the alleged murderer of Dr. George Tiller, belonged to an anti-government, white separatist group called the Montana Freemen might seem like an unlikely twist. After all, such groups are generally thought of as either indifferent to the issue of abortion or actively enthusiastic about its potential for reducing…