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The Symbol Of Racism And Hate.

I was born and raise in LA (lower Alabama) and for what every reason there might be I can't help but associate the Confederate flag with hate groups (i.e skin heads, KKK)... Every hate group I have ever seen or heard about uses the Confederate flag as their symbol, in some kinda way.
There are two sides to every story and for every person that see the Confederate flag as honorable, there are those that see it as a symbol of hate.. I see it as a symbol of hate but also as a symbol of free speech...But I often wonder whenever the klan started using the Confederate flag as their symbol, WHY in the hell didn't the Daughters of the Confederacy and others who love the confederate flag object, protest, or speak out? I'm just curious...Anyway several Confederate flags placed on the graves of Civil War soldiers got pulled up last week by a black Auburn city councilman, who called them symbols of racism and hatred....While I do agree that many people use the Confederate flag and it&…