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The Old Black Church Is Celebrating Its Ist Anniversary!

Welcome friends and visitors to the celebrations of the Old Black Church. Today The Old Black Church is 1 year old and I am glad to welcome you to my corner of the blog world. On behalf of The Old Black Church I embrace you in Christ's love. I Want to take this time to personal thank all the visitors and the lurkers who has visited this blog in the last year. My 1st comment was from: Sista Cala The post that received the most response was God Star vs Rock Star.
and is Tavis Right?
I was going through some things with my son when I wrote this post it was a painful time for me. But I want to Thank Poet for what he wrote. The post was My sons In Jail.
The most hateful of all was this one here There Shall be no competition......
The blogs in my blog roll I read every day and Lynn over at Hicktown Press was the 1st to add me to a blog roll thanks!