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Pastor Wright A Truth Fighter.

Obama have sit under the teaching of Pastor Wright for over 20 years it should have given him a different look at this America we live in. And I believe it has. Pastor Wright have personal experiences he can speak of being a black man in America. He has been preaching this same message for over 20 years, so were has White America been? Now all of a sudden he is a racist and preaching hate. Why?

White America can't stand the truth. How you going to stand in your pulpits on Sunday morning and not never preach about the ills of America nor let your pew sitter know that racism is a sin. How in the Hell can y'all try and tell this man he is preaching hate. How I know your pastors don't preach against racism and call it sin because of all the hate in the world but on Sunday morning you up in there getting that feel good message.

So never call a man that will tell the truth a racist. How y'all going to regulate what Pastor Wright say? Is it because your own Pastors…