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Giving Love To GrandMothers.

Blog family we know that February is all about love. So for today's love I would like to give love to Grandmothers. How many remember their Grandmother? I do (got my hand up). My Grandmother was one of the sweetest person you could have meet. When you here: Granny, Ma, Mutha Dear, Gran, Big Mom and Granny Gran do any of these sound familiar to you?

We called her Mom-Ma. I lived with her when I was 18 years old . She was always there for me and my cousins. She was my maternal grandmother. Boy didn't we have love for that lady. My grandmother never showed favor. I have heard how some Grandmothers would favor the lighter skin grands over the darker skin( it happens in the South). I was one of my grandmothers favorites because I was always there for her.

We have Grand Mothers raising their grand children for what ever reason. They are like mothers they are always there for you. Can you remember your grand mother? Do you still have your Grand Mother with you? My Granny …