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Should Churches Bail Their Members Out Of Jail?

Abyssinian Baptist Church is a well known and well respected black church in New York.....Early in the month they were in the news because the  church  posted bail for a gang church member to get out of jail.....Some people disagree with what the church have done claming  it sends young people the wrong message.....Kudos to the church for being willing to help one of its own.....Some folks have forgotten  what Grace and Mercy is......Grace is "unmerited favor".....Grace is what God offers to fallen sinners through the salvation obtained by the atonement of Jesus Christ....Its call grace because it is undeserved....The forgiveness we receive in Christ is through no work we ourselves do, it is for this reason we call it "unmerited favor".....Mercy is what grace offers......The grace of God comes to us in our poor sinful condition and offers us the mercy of God when we deserve His wrath.....So grace comes to us giving us mercy.....Again I see nothing wrong with what t…