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Is Kandi Burruss Striding The Fence With Her Up Coming Project?

The unusually noticeable quite humble and meek  Kandi Burruss has come under some serious  fire via her Facebook fan page  for her shocking  announcement.  Kandi  announced on her fan page that she'll be recording an inspirational song (Stay Prayed Up)  with none other than Marvin Sapp.....While at the same time the announcement was being made the below flyer was being uploaded to the fan page as well and caused quite an uproar among her fans. Some fans are livid at the announcement  accusing her of selling cheap sex toys  at the expense and cost  of the Gospel.The comments below are from  Kandi Facebook page:

"That's Right Kandi's new special one time song is a gospel song "Stay Prayed up" No matter who you are, what you do, you still need God and to be Prayed up!"  " I have gotten a lot of response about the new one time Gospel song "Stay Prayed Up"! Many say they are excited some say it shouldn't be done, but I think it relates to…