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Have Gospel Music Lost Its Power?

I read a article dealing with the current state of gospel music. Gospel Music is a business. When did this happen? Today's Gospel Music is more about talent and money than about the anointing and spreading the Gospel. I am having a hard time listening to today's Gospel Music. It just don't have the power it once had.
Once upon a time you could be going through testing and the message in the music would help build your faith but not today's music. Why have the Gospel Music artist sold out the power for money? I am trying to think of some artist that is still true to the music but I am not coming up with any. I think the music is to commercial but it could be me. Can you name an artist that has not sold out? I am at this moment loving Praise and Worship. New Breed, Martha Muzzin , Vikki Yohe, CeCe Winans. Now the Georgia Mass Choir had one of the most powerful albums every. Great music especially in trying times. How do you feel about Praise an…